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Wrapping up 2015 with a Running Start for 2016

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Thinking on to next year with the 2016 elections. What do you want for our country?  From the Washington State Republican Party

Special Announcement

Governor Inslee has announced that the State of Washington will continue to welcome refugees. In the interest of public safety, large number of states are not accepting refugees. Additionally several more states are asking for additional screening. Both the US House and the Senate are raising concerns. The House will vote on a bill to put a pause on allowing refugees without a strong vetting process to ensure public safety in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks to send to the President’s desk which Obama has vowed to veto.

The people have the right to weigh in on this and can do so by calling the office of Washington State Governor Inslee at 360-902-4111
Also our elected federal Representatives and Senators contact information can found at this link.

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Our offices are located at 4218 South Steele Street Suite 304 – Tacoma, WA.