Pierce County Republican Party

Pierce County Victory Center is now open through the election

WSRP and Pierce GOP announcement
Pierce County Victory Center is now open through the election
The Pierce County Victory Center in Puyallup will be operating Monday through Saturday, from 9am to 9pm, from now through the election.

Voter identification and encouragement of potential voters for Republican candidates is critical to achieving change in Washington State this November – working together to make it happen.

If you would like to volunteer at the Victory Center, please Contact: Zac Green at , or Sarah Pollock 253-306-1083

The Center is located at: 1002 39th Ave SE, Suite 301 – Puyallup, WA
Pierce County Victory Center Facebook page

Tacoma woman marks 105th with Harley visit

Catherine Herridge, Pamela Browne, TNT | 7-26-2012
This story is about Lakewood resident Wilma Rosenow who was present at the Washington State Republican Party Convention in Tacoma.

Some people have a bucket list of things they want to do before they die. At 105, Wilma Rosenow has a longer list of things she’s already done.

TACOMA — Some people have a bucket list of things they want to do before they die.
At 105, Wilma Rosenow has a longer list of things she’s already done.
The Tacoma woman celebrated her birthday Wednesday with a motorcycle driving into the grand parlor of the Narrows Glenn retirement community off Sixth Avenue, a surprise during a party with friends and family……. Read More

Rick Santorum Coming to Tacoma/Olympia Monday – 2/13

Peter Callaghan, TNT – Political Buzz | 2-10-2012
Rick Santorum will bring his surging GOP presidential campaign to Tacoma-Olympia on Monday
The former Pennsylvania senator will hold several events, one public, when he visits Washington state on Monday.

Andrea Innes, a state committeewoman from Pierce County, said the state party has notified party officials that Rick Santorum will lead a rally at 7 p.m. at the Washington History Museum in downtown Tacoma beginning at 7 p.m.
Rick Santorum speaks to Conservative Political Action Conference Friday. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Beforehand he will have a closed meeting with state party officials including members of the state committee, Innes said. The event is free and open to the public……Read More

Terry Harder running for State Rep in the 29th Dist

Terry Harder announces he is running for The State Legislature in District 29 Position 1.

Terry a resident of Pierce County for 50 years, the father of 3 Children and 8 grandchildren, is a Business Consultant for a National Office Supply company’.

He believes that “small business is the key to creating jobs in Washington”.
Making it easier for small business to hurdle the mountain of bureaucratic red tape and regulations while reducing their tax burden will create the Jobs that the people of District 29 need in these tough economic times.

Mr. Harder says; “The 29th District needs a job friendly business environment so I am committed to limited government — making it more accountable to the people.

Jobs, tax reform, improving education, Public Safety, Veteran’s issues, solving the region’s transportation problems, and lowering the costs of health care will be my top priorities”.

Terry is Co-Founder of Operation Support Our Troops (OSOT) and Vice Chair of the North West division of the Washington State Army Advisory Board. He has taken action in the community to garner support and respect for our military. He helped to organize many rallies in support of our troops and send holiday packages to 172,000 Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan over the last seven years. He also has supported legislation impacting Washington’s Veterans and families.

GOP Chairman: Tacoma mayor should apologize for calling Republicans “racist”

Lewis Kamb, TNT | 12-02-2011
Washington Republican Party Chairman Kirby Wilbur said today Tacoma Mayor Marilyn Strickland should apologize for her recent remarks to a group of Pacific Lutheran University college students in which she called the GOP “racist.”
Kirby WilburMarilyn Strickland
“I think the appropriate thing for her to do would be to issue a statement …….Read More

Tacoma Mayor calls Republicans racist

TNT -The Nose | 12-02-2011
We always knew a trip to Parkland could be dangerous, but not like this.

The mayor of Tacoma took her show on the road and stepped in the doo-doo. She appeared before a small, friendly group of students on the Pacific Lutheran University campus and promptly stepped in it – not once, but twice.

Who knows what’ll take longer for Mayor Marilyn Strickland to scrape from her shoes: the inflammatory comments she made, or the ham-fisted way she and her minions tried to control the damage by hunting down the student journalist who (gasp!) wrote down what she said…….Read More