Is Pierce County becoming Republican territory?

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Is Pierce County becoming Republican territory? Election results show area not as liberal as it once was Supporters of Republican President-elect Donald Trump, flash victory signs during the Pierce County Republican Party’s Election Night Party at the McGavick Conference Center at Clover Park Technical College Tuesday on Nov. 8, 2016. Dean J. Koepfler By Melissa Santos – Washington has been tilting more to the left in recent presidential elections, but not because of...

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Congressman Dave Reichert – The Honor to Serve

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Congressman Dave Reichert – The Honor to Serve

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Constitution Presentations in Local Elementary Schools

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Constitution Presentations 2016 Lakewood Republican Women By Judy Lawrence Our literacy committee once again visited six elementary schools at JBLM and four others in the Clover Park School district. We visited 25- 5th grade classes for approximately 25 minutes where we introduced and discussed the foundational basis, history, content and purpose of the U.S. Constitution. Approximately 650 students received their own copies of our U.S. Constitution. Each booklet cost $1.00 and came with a free teacher’s guide per class. The LRW volunteers...

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Inslee lies – just like Hillary!

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…. from the Washington State Republican Party: Call it the “Hillary effect.” Just like his favorite presidential candidate, Jay Inslee is a liar. Watch this video, and share it widely. When Republicans in the State Senate fought to cut college tuition, Jay Inslee fought to keep tuition costs high, forcing three special legislative sessions. Now, Inslee dishonestly tries to take credit for the tuition cuts he opposed. Even the liberal Seattle Times, in a front page article August 25, reports that “Inslee is taking credit” but that the...

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Another week, another Sound Transit scandal

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From Shift Washington: The bureaucrats running Sound Transit are finding out that when you demand the biggest tax increase in state history – some $54 billion dollars – that some people might ask what you’ve been doing with the billions you’ve been given so far. And the answer is not pretty – or necessarily legal. The Seattle Times broke two stories over the weekend that showed just how poorly the region’s light rail agency is being run. The first highlighted highlighted illegal conduct. The second was just about typical bureaucratic...

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First Debate between Bill Bryant and Jay Inslee

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Jay Inslee’s first term has been marred by scandals, broken promises, and failure and we won’t let it continue. I laid out a clear, thoughtful vision for Washington. I’ll put experienced, competent leaders in charge of state agencies, hold them accountable, and even more important – take responsibility. It’s time for real leadership in Olympia. Our candidate for Governor Bill Bryant takes on Jay Inslee in their first debate in Spokane put on by the Association of Washington Business on August 17, 2016. View the Full Debate...

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Bill Bryant – Fresh Air ad!

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Bill Bryant – Fresh Air from Bill Bryant for Governor. View it here on Vimeo.

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The Importance of Brexit, Across the Pond

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Guest Author: Thomas Adams, 16 years old from Gig Harbor, Washington Allow me to start off by saying congratulations to our British cousins across the ocean on safely securing their nation against the globalist empire that is the EU. This write-up is likely going to be fairly succinct, and focus exclusively on three main points. One, the reason Brexit is a good thing! (Spoiler: It’s nationalism) Two, why we, across the way, should care about Brexit, and three, dealing with criticisms of our political leanings, from both sides. To begin,...

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Time for New Leadership Rally – Bill Bryant’s speech

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Time for new Leadership Rally in Tacoma. Hear the speech by Bill Bryant, Candidate for Governor – video below. This rally featured Bill Bryant along with Governor Susana Martinez (New Mexico), the chair of the Republican Governors Association. Many candidates attended along with supporters from across the state.

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A Message from PCRP Chair Deryl McCarty

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Go to WWW.BILLBRYANTFORGOVERNOR.COM/KICKOFF to see more information and sign up! A Message from the PCRP Chairman Deryl McCarty, All the news media eyes (mostly the left eyes) are focusing on the Presidential race. Fine. But the government deepest in your pockets and visibly doing the worst job is much closer to home. The Department of Corrections releases a bunch of criminals by “mistake” – even though they’d been warned about the problem. Western State Hospital is dangerously dysfunctional because of “toxic” labor relations mismanagement....

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