Pierce County Republican Party

Pierce County Republican Party

2016 Republican Presidential Candidate Ticket – Trump ★ Pence

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Please join us as we wait anxiously and celebrate with friends on this night when voters determine the future of our community, our great state and our nation

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General Election – November 8th

Washington State Elections – at a glance

Did you know?

The County Auditor’s office hires 60-75 election workers for the primary and general election each year?

Plus in a presidential election, there are up to 200 workers hired for the fall election. We encourage you to apply at this link! Fill out the form and check the “elections” box. This is a great opportunity to learn about elections from the inside out!

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There are many Precincts available in all the Districts. Your Precinct might be one.
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Our offices are located at 4218 South Steele Street Suite 304 – Tacoma, WA.