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A Message from PCRP Chair Deryl McCarty

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A Message from the PCRP Chairman Deryl McCarty,

All the news media eyes (mostly the left eyes) are focusing on the Presidential race. Fine. But the government deepest in your pockets and visibly doing the worst job is much closer to home.

The Department of Corrections releases a bunch of criminals by “mistake” – even though they’d been warned about the problem. Western State Hospital is dangerously dysfunctional because of “toxic” labor relations mismanagement. King-Pierce-Snohomish traffic is a mess and getting messier but we’re collecting tons of money in tolls and not reducing congestion. We have even dug a hole to fix it, but we can’t get out of the hole. Seattle is not a regional asset but a regional hindrance to Pierce County jobs. Drug crime and homelessness is rising but there is no coordination on a crime or humanitarian response across county lines. Gas prices are rising faster than in the rest of the nation because of politically motivated, not environmentally motivated extreme regulation.

All of these things are related to a lack of leadership at ONE single location, a mansion less than a hundred yards from the state capitol.

A governor in name only. (GINO)

It’s time for new leadership.

Hence Bill Bryant. Right guy. Right leadership. Right time.

How can you tell the rest of Washington that we need new leadership?

YOU can come on out for Bill Bryant’s summer kick-off. This Saturday 1:30PM (1330 for us military types) at the Tacoma Convention Center – 1500 Broadway downtown Tacoma. We can pack the place and that will send a huge message.

(Click here for parking information)

Even cooler, we can be encouraged by one of America’s premiere governors who just happens to be a hugely successful western, Republican governor in a Democrat state: Susanna Martinez* (who is also the Chair of the Republican Governor’s Association. And since the RGA is putting their money where their mouth is, so can we.)

Go to WWW.BILLBRYANTFORGOVERNOR.COM/KICKOFF to get more info and sign up. You will not regret it.

Deryl McCarty, Chairman, PCRP

*Truth in political Advertising: if I were a national level political consultant, I would strongly advise our nominee that Susanna is my number one pick as Vice President and then in 2024 my choice for President.