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Another week, another Sound Transit scandal

From Shift Washington:
The bureaucrats running Sound Transit are finding out that when you demand the biggest tax increase in state history – some $54 billion dollars – that some people might ask what you’ve been doing with the billions you’ve been given so far.

And the answer is not pretty – or necessarily legal.

The Seattle Times broke two stories over the weekend that showed just how poorly the region’s light rail agency is being run. The first highlighted highlighted illegal conduct. The second was just about typical bureaucratic incompetency as voters start to consider the $54 billion-dollar money grab on the November 8 ballot.

The first shoe to drop was the Times reporting, “Sound Transit improperly gave the email addresses of nearly 173,000 ORCA cardholders to the political campaign promoting ST3, the fall ballot measure seeking to expand regional mass transit, a spokesman for the transit agency acknowledged Friday

The “improper” behavior the Times highlighted is typical of liberal tax-raising schemes. It goes like this: Rest of the story