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Creating Jobs

Dick Elmquist, Fircrest
Our governor’s state of the state speech concentrated on creating jobs to fund the excessive Democrat’s spending.

Question – How can jobs be created given the liberals anti-business agenda? Only the state’s businesses can generate real jobs while the liberal’s agenda is driving jobs out of the state. For instance, much of the state’s natural resources are taken from the economy. Timber harvest has been drastically curtailed on public and private land. Mineral resources are under utilized, e.g. Centralia coal. Oil drilling off the coast is taboo. The hydroelectric resource is being reduced, e.g. Elwha dams destroyed. Farmer’s irrigation is in jeopardy. Nuclear power is taboo. And the list goes on!

The onerous regulations, taxes, etc: The Democrats past and present spending is out of control and unsustainable while the state’s employees union is dictating policy to feed their self interest. There is an unrealistic high minimum wage, worker’s compensation insurance, business taxes, etc. Permitting for construction is slow and costly and held hostage by liberal bureaucrats. State road construction, costs are inflated by a factor of about two by regulations. Housing, gas, liquor, and more are higher than most states.

Our liberal state and federal government are incapable of creating jobs until they address the basic obstacles to job creation.