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Dick Muri Campaign: Good reason to be skeptical of polls produced by campaigns

Today’s column by Peter Callaghan in the TNT begins with an excellent statement, “There’s a good reason to be skeptical of polls produced by campaigns.” A good point by Mr. Callaghan, who goes on to point out that the Adam Smith campaign recently stated that its polls show Smith ahead by 19 points, unlike the KING-TV poll, which indicated “Muri/Smith too close to call.” A month ago voters in the August 17 primary gave Smith 51.2% of the total votes; he received only 49% of the votes cast in the final 2 days. The KING-TV poll also reflected a much larger sample size than Smith’s poll.

Candidates rarely release their internal polls. Perhaps the Smith campaign is concerned that Adam Smith’s extremely liberal voting record is becoming better known. When your voting record is more liberal than that of Seattle’s Congressman Jim McDermott, you deserve to be replaced.

TNT story by Peter Callaghan