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2/29 Republican Club Christmas Party

Wednesday - December 06       6:00 pm - 8:30 pm
at The Garden Room at Weeks-Dryers     220 134th St. So., Parkland

The celebration begins at 6:00 PM with a pot luck dinner, which will be followed by the always fun and sometimes hilarious anonymous  ‘white elephant’ gift exchange. Everyone is invited.   Please bring your favorite Christmas food item to share.  

For the ‘anonymous’ gift exchange, please bring a wrapped ‘white elephant’ type of gift to add to the collection pool from which we will be selecting presents to keep, trade, or that will be claimed by others during the exchange.  It really is not confusing at all, but at times can be chaotic in a fun way.  If you do not have a ‘white elephant’ item and choose to purchase a gift, please respect a $20 limit.  


Everyone is welcome, but if you are going to bring a spouse, parent, child, or friend, please provide a gift for them to exchange so that they can participate in the fun.  Please come join the celebration. 

Event Details at this link

Event Location:   The Garden Room at Weeks-Dryers
Map:     220 134th St. So., Parkland
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