Help Stop the Attacks on Rob McKenna

Help Stop the Attacks on Rob McKenna

Dear Friends,
Below you will see a message from Liberal Congressman Jay Inslee attacking our own Attorney General Rob McKenna for his work in challenging the constitutionality of the “individual mandate” portion of ObamaCare. Congressman Inslee pushed ObamaCare from the beginning, and today it is clear that the U.S. Constitution was disregarded when the bill was crafted. His intentions are to distort and mislead voters on why Rob signed on to the lawsuit.
Please go to and sign the online petition thanking Rob for his work in defending our Constitutional rights, and then after you have done this send it to your family and friends to sign as well. It’s clear we need health care reform, but we need it done in a way that does not violate our freedoms and liberties.

Chairman Kirby Wilbur
Washington State Republican Party

From: Jay Inslee
Sent: Wed Feb 09 11:43:39 2011
Subject: Stop McKenna

The historic health care reform we passed last fall is doing so much good and will do so much more for the people of Washington — and yet lawsuits are threatening it all.

Right now, health care reform is helping children born with congenital heart defects get health care coverage despite their “pre-existing” condition. It’s helping our seniors pay for their critical prescription drugs. And it’s stopping insurance companies from capping the amount of coverage patients receive.

All of that is under threat because of Attorney General Rob McKenna’s lawsuit to wipe out the ENTIRE health care reform package.

And, while he says he cares about Washingtonians’ right to quality, affordable health care coverage, he is continuing to push this suit — regardless of the cost to us.
We can’t allow it to continue.

8,267 others are already on board — now I need you to sign on, too. Join me, and sign on to our petition to call on Rob McKenna to drop his lawsuit before it hurts our health care.
Attorney General McKenna says when he started this lawsuit, he didn’t intend for his actions to threaten Washingtonians’ access to safe, affordable health care.

The fact is: If this lawsuit continues, we could lose protections against discrimination based on pre-existing conditions. We could lose critical help for small business to keep health insurance for their employees. And we could lose health care coverage for millions of young people currently on their parents’ plans.

With Washington state’s health care at risk, does Rob McKenna protect our interests, or his own?

Join the 8,267 others, and sign our petition calling on Rob McKenna to drop his lawsuit and stop trying to dismantle health care reform.

We worked for decades to finally get some relief for families struggling to keep health care coverage. But now, when things are finally starting to get better, we could lose it all. Not while I have any say in the matter — and I hope, not while you do either.

Thank you for helping us fight the fight to pass the bill, and now, fight the fight to keep it.
Very truly yours,

Jay Inslee
P.S. At this point, what Attorney General Rob McKenna says his intentions were with his lawsuit attacking health care reform doesn’t matter. His actions do. Will he put our access to affordable health care ahead of political gain? Only if we demand it — sign the petition calling on him to drop the lawsuit now.