Pierce County Republican Party

Message from our Chair

What a crazy, exciting and momentous year 2016 was and now we are launching into a future that is brighter, more hopeful and full of opportunity in 2017. As President Donald J. Trump begins the first 100 days in office, your newly elected Pierce County Republican leadership is hard at work to make sure that 2017 and 2018 are the best Pierce County has seen. As the second largest county in the State, a county that has consistently added Republican seats over the last several elections, we aspire to kick this into high gear and fill every available elected position with a thoroughly vetted and equipped Republican. We believe it is time that the Pierce County Republican Party played a pivotal role in the betterment of our county by engaging and supporting our candidates, elected Republicans, our Veterans and Active Military, our local businesses, our churches, and our youth. Your Pierce County Republican Party leadership has specific plans and objectives to achieve in the coming months and I as your Chair will be sharing those objectives and the progress toward them in subsequent newsletter postings.
We are forming specific committees and are looking for volunteers to join and bring your thoughts, skills, and efforts to bear. These Committees are as follows: Candidate Recruiting and Vetting, Active Duty and Veterans Affairs, Business Community engagement, Finance and Fundraising, Church engagement and mobilization, Events Planning, Community engagement, and Education and Training. We are also looking for willing volunteers to staff the office and perform necessary administrative duties. Please e-mail me at Chair@piercegop.org if you are interested in volunteering, joining, or if you have any questions about the Pierce County Republican Party. Thank you and God Bless
…. Marty McClendon, Pierce County Republican Party Chair