Pierce County Districting plans

Every ten years the United States Census Bureau conducts a census or count of the United State’s population.

‘Once every 10 years, Americans stand up to be counted. Downtown and out-of-town, in the mountains and on the farms, we speak up and let our governments know that we intend to be represented in the decisions that they make’

There is just ONE more public hearing to be able to give public input. It is urgent to have as many as possible go to the Thursday night (June 16th) meeting in Gig Harbor.

Thursday, June 16 – 7:00 p.m.
Location: Gig Harbor City Hall, Council Chambers. 3510 Grandview St, Gig Harbor, WA 98335.

We need to voice opposition to the Plan B map and support the Plan A Map. Here is the reason why!

  • The Plan B map divides military communities and support.
    This could cause our area to lose our military precense in Pierce County or reduce the military in our area.
  • The Plan B map mixes Urban and Rural areas inappropriately.
    Each of these have different needs and issues that deserve their own representation.

More information along with both maps (linked above) can be found at the PC Districting Committee page The B map is clearly identified. The A map is without label but was the May 31st submission.
The Final meeting will be:

Additionally one last point: What happens in county redistricting also affects state redistricting. We do not get another chance for another 10 years!