Pierce County Redistricting Map Maker Conflict of interest

TALKING POINTS – Pierce County Redistricting Committee

The WSRP has recently learned that the mapmaker for the Pierce County Redistricting Committee is a partisan Democrat who is currently working for both the House and Senate Democratic Caucuses in Olympia. You can read the story in The News Tribune

Send an email to the Redistricting Committee. It is very important that the committee receive your email no later than Saturday, July 9th. You should email your letter to Jennifer Schultz at . Be concise and polite. Below are the reasons for and against the various maps.

There are major problems with Map D/E while Map A is the best representation of how Pierce County should be districted.
Map A:

Only has 0.9% population variance. It is very close to the goal.

Does a good job of keeping communities together and doesn’t take Republican or Democrat areas into consideration.

The goal is to keep our county council members equally distributed by type of area they represent and as near equal population per district as possible. Map A has less than 1% variance as did the maps accepted for the 1992 and 2002 redistricting.

Therefore Map A comes closest of all proposals to date to support the principle of One Person = One vote.

Causes a much smaller degree of change from the current district boundaries, has a much smaller variance between districts, has a
balance of representatives from both urban and the suburban/rural areas.

Map D/E:

“Final Map” gerrymanders to give the most urban area of the County – City of Tacoma – parts of four different Council Districts when
they cannot fill two full districts. To accomplish the power grab they have now put Suburban UP and Fircrest into District 4 which frees up urban Northwest Tacoma to be added to suburban and rural District 7.

Redistricting is not to be about Republican or Democrat, but about communities. “Final Map” does not accomplish that.

Subordinates suburban and rural areas to urban (City of Tacoma). The priorities, requirements, population densities are so different
between the urban areas and the suburban and rural areas, that it is impossible to have each council person try to be all things to all
constituents instead of having experts from each type of district on the council.

There is a problem with the District Totals on the “Final Map.” It has 1,417 people more than any of the earlier maps; such an error is
simply unacceptable.

The communities of Parkland, Spanaway and Midland, which are all very similar have been carved up into three separate districts by the final map, where in Map A these three communities of interest are all combined in a single district.

In general. Map A would be the best for Pierce County residents as it keeps communities together and best accomplishes the population goal with very little change to current boundaries.

If you have any questions about this at all, contact your district leader first for assistance and then the WSRP Political Director, Caleb Heimlich, at 253-307-1786; or Communications Director, Josh Amato, at 253-722-9089. If you do not know who your district leader is, go here to find out.

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Special Meeting of the Pierce County Districting Committee will be held at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, July 12, 2011, at the County-City Building, Pierce County Council Chambers, 930 Tacoma Avenue South, Room 1045,


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