PCRP Vice-Chair Linda Siegel

PCRP Vice Chair, Linda Siegel | 2-22-2015

As a new Pierce County Republican Party officer, I owe you some bio: Air Force brat, retired AF officer and critical-care RN, now working part time at Tacoma General Hospital. Several years ago, I realized that I had another calling, so I got active in politics, became a PCO and got busy electing conservatives. Without political action focused on individual liberty, an unencumbered free-enterprise system, the rule of law and a fair and just representative government, there is only chaos and decline. As concerned citizens of this exceptional country and state, we have a responsibility to remain politically aware and active; as committed Republicans, one of our first duties is to: EDUCATE AND INFORM:
By this I mean to constantly read about, teach others, and demonstrate what Republicans stand for and how conservative policies help everyne. As a Republican, what do you tell people you stand for? WORDS and semantics mean something. For instance, people are not interested in WHAT we are AGAINST (e.g. Obamacare), they want to know WHO we are FOR (e.g. people who have been HURT by Obamacare). We are FOR policies that result in a well-ordered society where all Americans have equal access to a robust job market. We are FOR policies that reinforce the dignity and self-worth of all Americans. We are FOR policies that result in every American child having access to a quality education. In contrast, progressives align with unions, ivory-tower academics and left-leaning media to promote policies which RESULT IN poor inner-city minority youths going jobless and disadvantaged minority children getting an inadequate education. This is what we should be explaining and role-modeling to fellow Americans we live around and work with. As an example, I recently attended the Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration Event at the Tacoma Convention Center and engaged in a brief debate with a signature-gatherer outside of the building. She was collecting signatures for an initiative to raise the city of Tacoma’s minimum wage to $15.00. I explained how such a policy would actually HURT Tacoma’s hourly wage workers by decreasing avail-able jobs. That is, business owners will either reduce the number of jobs they offer or give those jobs to candidates with better resumes, e.g. with college educations. Maybe I made a difference in how she thinks about this issue. As Republicans, we have many opportunities to explain our way of thinking about issues by showing up to represent our Party at community events year round throughout Pierce County. Please watch for communications from PCRP about these opportunities and step up to make a difference.