Thank our Congressional Representatives for their continued stand against raising taxes!

From Kirby Wilbur, Chairman, Washington State Republican Party

I am writing you this urgent email because our Republican Representatives are under attack for cutting the deficit and refusing to raise taxes.

Our Republican delegation is showing a lot of courage standing up to the President and his bully pulpit as he attempts to characterize us as evil for doing what is right. Each one of our Republican House Members needs to know that they have our support and appreciation.As a personal favor to me, will you call and email each one of their offices and thank them for standing firm on no tax increases and cutting the deficit? They are under attack daily and our support is crucial. They need to know we stand with them!

Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler: 202-225-3536 or 360-695-6292 (email)
Rep. Doc Hastings: 202-225-5816 or 509-543-9396 or 509-452-3243 (email)
Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers: 202-225-2006 or 509-684-3481 or 509-353-2374 or 509-529-9358 (email)
Rep. Dave Reichert: 202-225-7761 or 206-498-8103 or 206-275-3438 (email)

Thank you,
Kirby Wilbur
Chairman, Washington State Republican Party