2024 Election year – Presidential – US Senate – Congressional Districts
Our State Races to send Republicans to Olympia and Our Pierce County Officials

2024 Candidate Resources

2024 Candidate Filing Week

Monday, May 5th – Friday, May 10th

Accepting endorsement requests (Forms available in the right-hand column)

What to know

August 6th – Primary Election | November 5th – General Election

We value your participation!

Thank you for throwing your hat in the ring this year. The Pierce County Republican Party will be happy to answer your questions about the process or discuss what Republican Party resources might be available.
If you share Republican values and want to review your options for Party support, now is the time to contact the Pierce County GOP!

Candidate Guides will be published in the spring of 2024
    •  Contact our Candidate Committee at .
Please include your telephone number, email address and office for which you are running. We will respond to you the same business day if at all possible.

Accepting applications for 2024 now

Our Endorsements Committee will review your application and schedule an interview to determine whether to recommend that the PCRP central committee endorse your candidacy.

2024 Candidate Request for Endorsement

To request an endorsement from the Pierce County Republican Party for your candidacy, please download and complete the form. Make sure you save the filled out form and then attach it to an email to assure the fields have your input. There is also an Incumbent questionnaire for Incumbents.


Candidate Profiles

After receiving endorsement, we create candidate profiles for our candidate’s page. You can submit your information at:
Submit your Candidate Profile